Flower Children Vol. 01 (10 Aug. 2014)

For Tracy Hyde
That's us!

One of Tokyo's most prominent indie pop bands. Now that they have three guitars, they're quite a powerhouse.

Monochrome Chocolate (Osaka)
This is their first time playing in Tokyo. How this band have been slipping under the radar is a mystery to me. They've got some really good songwriting and playing going on, with that combination of bright arpeggios and noisy chords that everybody loves.

The Ships (Nagoya)
Another band visiting Tokyo for the first time. Their youthful sound, enhanced with emotive and punchy vocals and occasional rock dynamics, is sure to capture the audience's hearts. The Your Words, Go Around EP is a must-have.
彼らもまた今回のイベントで東京デビューを果たします。若々しいサウンドと現行のインディ・ポップ・シーンでは珍しいエモーショナルで力のあるボーカル、ときに織り交ぜるロック然としたダイナミクスがオーディエンスの心を掴むはず。自主制作のEP「Your Words, Go Around」は名盤です。

夜明ケマエ Yoakemae
An up-and-coming band with a great stage presence. They may as well currently be the band closest to establishing an ideal balance between distorted guitars, bright poppy melodies, and touches of Shibuya-kei. Blue Thunder, a tasty slice of Madchester beats, is a personal favourite of mine.


The Best Things In Life Come For Free...

In Fear Of Love Crossfade Demo

"In Fear Of Love" is now sold out. Thanks so much for listening!

"In Fear Of Love" is now available at the following record stores:
「In Fear Of Love」は下記のレコード店にて無料配布を実施しております:

Shibuya Boy (out of stock)
Flake Records Osaka (out of stock)
Tower Records Asahikawa (out of stock)

Coconuts Disk Kichijoji (out of stock
File-Under Records Nagoya (out of stock)
Jet Set Kyoto (out of stock)
Jet Set Shimokitazawa (out of stock) 
Ongaku-Dokoro Sapporo (out of stock)
For mail orders, please contact fortracyhyde@excite.co.jp


M3 (More, More, More)


We will be giving away free copies of a CDEP titled "In Fear Of Love" along with some other goodies at M3 on 4/27.
"In Fear Of Love" is our first recording as a band, and also the first of our releases to feature our new vocalist, Lovely Summer .
Our booth is at K10a, so if you're attending the event, be sure to drop by!

4/27に開催されるM3にて、新作CDEP「In Fear Of Love」を頒布します。

For Tracy Hyde以外にも、イギリスのポスト・パンク・ユニットAlong Came Decemberのアルバムや、Vocaloidを用いてシューゲイザー等を製作しているMagao君の無料CDを頒布いたします。そちらも合わせてぜひチェックしてみてください。

For Tracy Hyde - In Fear Of Love (Free)
Along Came December - Red Light Blue Light (500 Yen)
Magao - Printemps EP (Free)


Hello Goodbye

Shiroi Haru No Yume @ Tokushima Ginza Crowbar
Open 18:00/Start 18:30
Adv. 1500/Door 2000+1 Drink

Puddings Para Mode
For Tracy Hyde
Doyoubi To Penguin To Coffee
Iunareba Shasei

This is our last gig fronted by Azusa Suga.
We won't be gigging for a short while due to changes in our lineup.
Stay tuned for later announcements!